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EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum 2024 is the only international pricing forum dedicated to Pricing Directors of Manufacturing industries such as Machinery, Semi-conductors, Automotive, Chemicals, Agro-chemicals, Electronic Components, Telecom, Aerospace, Building/Construction, Food Ingredients, MedTech & Diagnostics.

This outstanding conference brings together pricing executives, thought leaders, technology innovators and industry practitioners worldwide to share innovative insights, real best practices, and practical roadmaps to develop your pricing strategies and achieve your pricing goals.

This forum will provide the most interactive and pioneering discussions through training, expert presentations, panel sessions,  and great networking activities. This in-person event will also provide you with ample opportunity and time to network face-to-face with your peers.

Under the overarching theme Critical Strategies, Tactics & Hard-Fought Lessons, we are devoting this best-in-class conference (with Manufacturing and Aftermarket dedicated tracks beside the plenary) to address the main issues, challenges, and trends impacting the pricing professionals in the Manufacturing industry.




If you would like to contribute to this conference as a speaker, please get in touch with Sabrina Wilson 

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Attended by the most innovative pricing decision makers from

We work with top-tier Pricing experts to assist them in solving critical challenges
and developing innovative pricing solutions and strategies.
Here are a few examples of EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum attendees:


Exclusive Networking Experience

Experience unparalleled networking through the cutting-edge Whova app.
Connect with fellow attendees in advance, schedule meetings, and make the most of your time on-site.
Join us and make every moment count!
Please note that the app will be accessible 2 weeks before the event.

Industry themes you defined

The EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum 2024 unites revenue growth managers from leading companies and change leading experts to take to the stage to set the Pricing agenda for the next months.  

EPP delivers meticulously researched forum programs and connects clients with the most influential networks in their respective industries.


->Learn and explore pricing strategies and tactics to adapt and thrive in this ever-changing world

->Prepare your pricing plans in the face of inflation/deflation, supply chain, geo-political, and labor shocks, new markets, products, and innovations

->Be aligned with the best social and environmental practices for circular economy, carbon neutral, sustainability, equity, and cultural diversity


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Watch the highlights from the EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum 2023:



Watch the exclusive interviews with the MPF 2023 speakers:


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4 reasons to join


We stimulate atmosphere of discussion and interaction, 
the best way to  learn and reflect 


We facilitate networking during the event - and 
during the unique evening diner event


Carefully selected top speakers, sharing best practices from your industry.No general talks, and definitely no sales talks, 
but actionable insights.


We take time to reflect and define the key learnings
to accelerate your action.




Explore our featured training programs offered with the EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum 2024. Select your preferred training to customize your learning journey and elevate your expertise in value monetization and pricing strategies.

Maximize your growth potential with our exclusive Ticket Bundle. Combine expert training sessions with a networking-rich conference experience to unlock unparalleled opportunities for professional growth and transformation.

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Value Based Pricing in Practice – Innovative Tools and Techniques: 

Join our Program to discover value-based pricing strategies, harness cutting-edge research tools, and master customer insights to optimize profitability.                                        

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Spare Parts Pricing: 

Join our program to delve into best practices, analyze real-world examples, and familiarize yourself with the latest technologies and analytics to elevate your Spare Parts Pricing.

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Become Pricing Certified

EPP's Certification programs® are the ultimate symbol of advanced expertise in pricing and RGM. Tailored to the needs of pricing professionals in every industry and allow you to connect with fellow pricing pros, and propel your career forward confidently. Our programs are the only pricing certification program based on real business project success - and a proven ROI of 30x the investment.
Certified Pricing Manager (CPM)       Certified Pricing Executive (CPEx)  



The Certified Pricing Manager (CPM) program is designed as a comprehensive and practical training for pricing professionals and is considered the roadmap to master all core pricing excellence processes

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The Certified Pricing Executive (CPEx) program is specifically designed for Executive Leadership, focusing on advanced aspects of pricing and emphasizing Value Monetization

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A word from our attendees

"Amazing event! Insightful content, diverse speakers and extremely pleasant atmospherefacilitating valuable exchange of experience with colleagues from other companies andindusties. Thank you very much EPP!"

Maria Kolesnikova - Pricing Manager - Amcor

"One of the places to be if you want to hear about the hot topics in pricing and share learningswith peers from other companies and industries. Good takeaways for both experienced pricersand new comers."

Jacob Møller Korsgaard - Director of Pricing - Danfoss

"The EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum was truly insightful. I had the opportunity to exchangeand learn from top industry leaders about latest pricing trends and advanced price analytics. Ihighly recommend it to anyone looking to bring its pricing journey to the next level!"

Frederic Bosse - Global Pricing Lead PA&A - BRP Inc.

"The EPP Manufacturing Forum 2023 in Berlin was an amazing event. By bringing pricingexperts together in a time of great uncertainty and let them exchange their thoughts andconcerns around the many challenges which inflation and supply chain issues are posing tothe manufacturing world, it was an extraordinary refreshing and energizing venue."

Slobodan Farago - Pricing Director - Sol Millennium


Start: 8 April 2025
End: 11 April 2025
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