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Join the world’s leading FMCG/CPG Revenue Growth Management forum

- For RGM and Category Managers -

The EPP GLOBAL FMCG/CPG Revenue Growth Management Forum 2025 marks the fifth edition of this distinguished event and stands as the only global pricing forum dedicated to FMCG and Consumer Goods (CPG) companies.

This extraordinary forum brings together the category management and revenue growth management (RGM) leaders, technology innovators and industry practitioners to share the latest insights, practical roadmaps and real-life best practices to enhance category and RGM projects, and help you achieve a genuine ‘Triple Win’ – between Consumers, Manufacturers and Customers/Retailers.

If you are involved in revenue growth management, category management, trade/channel management, ecommerce/omnichannel management, data science, or brand management – and targeting the end consumer/shopper – this is a must-do conference for you. This forum will be a key enhancer for you to accelerate your impact. 

The trainings, forum, workshops and bootcamps will enable you to understand and identify the most effective revenue management levers, to effectively mitigate current economic changes, along actionable RGM Interventions, Category Management Strategies, bridging Consumer Value, Brand Building, Pack Price Architecture, Consumer Pricing, Mix, Shopper-based Promotion Effectiveness and Omnichannel Commercial planning.



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Attended by the most innovative pricing decision makers from

We work with top-tier RGM and Category Managers to assist them in solving critical challenges
and developing innovative pricing solutions and strategies




Exclusive Networking Experience

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Industry themes you defined

The EPP GLOBAL FMCG/CPG Revenue Growth Management Forum 2025 unites revenue growth managers from leading companies and change leading experts to take to the stage to set the RGM agenda for the next months.  

EPP delivers meticulously researched forum programs and connects clients with the most influential networks in their respective industries.


-> Category growth strategies

-> Gain volume and enhance category/market growth

-> Integrating and excelling your RGM and Category Management strategy 

-> Executing a successful TPO strategy aligned with your RGM strategy

-> Creating a competitive advantage with technologies such as AI and ML

-> The next phase of Category Management and RGM Teams





Watch the highlights from the EPP GLOBAL FMCG/Consumer Goods - Pricing & RGM Forum 2024:



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4 reasons to join


We stimulate atmosphere of discussion and interaction, 
the best way to  learn and reflect 


We facilitate networking during the event - and 
during the unique evening diner event


Carefully selected top speakers, sharing best practices from your industry.
No general talks, and definitely no sales talks, but actionable insights.


We take time to reflect and define the key learnings
to accelerate your action.


Explore our featured training programs offered with the EPP GLOBAL FMCG/CPG Revenue Growth Management Forum 2024. Select your preferred training to customize your learning journey and elevate your expertise in pricing and revenue growth strategies.

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Fast-track your understanding of RGM concepts and best practices     

Assess and boost your revenue growth management skills with accelerated learning and hands-on activities. Identify key opportunities for growth in your organisation.

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Boost Profitability with our TPO Training!     

TPO implies tracking and managing trade investments to ensure that they are in line with the company and category objectives.

TPO implementations that are successfully embedded in an organisation yield an ROI increase of 8%-15%, with a direct bottom-line impact of 4-30% on the operating profit!

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Become Pricing Certified


EPP's Certification programs® are the ultimate symbol of advanced expertise in pricing and RGM. Tailored to the needs of pricing professionals in every industry and allow you to connect with fellow pricing pros, and propel your career forward confidently. Our programs are the only pricing certification program based on real business project success - and a proven ROI of 30x the investment.




Certified Revenue Growth Manager ®

The EPP's Certified Revenue Growth Manager program is designed to help navigate real-world revenue growth challenges with EPP's program, combining practical reflection and cutting-edge methodologies for impactful results. 

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A word from our attendees

"The event was a unique platform for the RGM Community to come together, share experiences and build on them. It is a true opportunity to find inspiration and a great occasion to network with experiences peers from other companies."

Anıl Araslı - Senior Revenue Growth & Data Analytics Manager - Sephora

"I was delighted to return to the EPP Global FMCG/Consumer Goods Pricing & Revenue Growth Management Forum. The quality of the speakers was excellent, and I really appreciated the emphasis on hearing from RGM peers in many global FMCG businesses, covering a broad range of industries and geographies. The variety of formats throughout the event kept it engaging, with some small round table discussions, panel sessions and keynote presentations. I found it useful to benchmark where we’re at on our RGM journey; as it gave me reassurance on areas we’re doing well but really helped me identify the areas we need to accelerate our efforts to catch up to our peers. Thanks to Mariana and the whole EPP team for hosting a fantastic event – see you next time! "

Andy Williams - Revenue & Channel Director - Kellogg's

"The event gathers concepts of revenue management and technology to understand the current benchmark and what different companies are doing. We had the opportunity to meet and connect with pricing experts from around the world as well as share the main experiences and challenges we face in the sector. Totally recommended, the experience was even better than in the previous edition thanks to the work of EPP members."

Ignasi Moreno — Pricing & Analytics Manager - Frit Ravich


Start: 13 May 2025
End: 16 May 2025
EPP Pricing Platform BV

May 13 - 14 Trainings / May 14 - 16 Workshops + Forum | Location TBD


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